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Intellectual Property Rights

The following are the Intellectual Property Rights Guidelines regarding publications resulting from experiments performed at
IUAC (formerly NSC), approved by the Governing Board of IUAC.

  • For experiments performed by a group at IUAC (NSC), the data is the joint property of all persons named as collaborators in the Beam Time Request (BTR) Schedule. All collaborators must have signed on the BTR.
  • In the special case of a Ph. D Proposal, the data is the joint property of the Student and the Ph.D Supervisor, both of whom should be named in the BTR form and both must sign. (Other collaborators would not have any rights to this data, except that their names should be included in the publication, unless as stated in 3).
  • In case of a dispute between collaborators, those not agreeing to the publication of the data or have doubts on the analysis, should withdraw from the piece of work (publication) by declaring their intentions in writing. If, at the end of two years, other collaborators feel that the PI/student is not putting sufficient effort in analysing the data, other collaborators by mutual consent may agree to analyse the data and get it published. The list of authors should include all the names in the “Collaborators List” unless they disagree.
  • Data should remain available with IUAC (NSC) also to take care of situation related to dispute. In case of a dispute between student and the Ph.D Supervisor, in the case stated in 2, or between the collaborators as stated in 3, the matter may be referred to IUAC (NSC) Director, (since the data is taken at IUAC (NSC), using its facilities) who can constitute a committee of experts to rule on the matter. The decision of the Committee, regarding settlement of the dispute is final. Neither student, nor Supervisor, can unilaterally claim ownership of data or proceed to publish it.
  • Names of all collaborators, who were on the original proposal, unless they have voluntarily withdrawn from the project, must be included in the publication.
  • For instrumentation and facility development with involvement of users and IUAC (NSC) personnel, any publication arising from the project would be joint with names of all persons contributing. First authorship will be decided by the Programme Leader at IUAC (NSC) based on the relative contributions of the authors.
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