Pelletron Accelerator RBS-AMS Systems

पेलेट्रॉन त्वरक RBS-AMS प्रणलियां (PARAS)

Pelletron Accelerator RBS-AMS Systems (PARAS)

Rutherford Backscattering Spectrometry (RBS) facility with 1.7 Million Volt Pelletron accelerator has been installed at IUAC. The facility is equipped with :

  • Alphatross ion source for producing negatively charged He and H ions.
  • 1.7MV 5SDH-2 Pelletron accelerator
  • Charles Evans and Associate make 4 − axis goniometer (model name RBS-400)

Surface barrier detector measure the number and energy of ions backscattered after colliding with atoms of the sample enabling us to determine atomic mass and elemental concentration versus depth below the surface.

RBS Facility at IUAC
RBS Facility at IUAC
RBS Facility at IUAC
RBS Facility at IUAC


The facility is extensively used by users to carry out backscattering, Channeling measurements, resonance backscattering and ERDA (Elastic recoil detection analysis) for hydrogen in the samples. RBS is most suitable method to get accurate thickness and composition of the thin film samples of different categories like nuclear targets, thin or multi layered films on substrates like Si, SiO2, Ge, GaAs etc.

The RBS Channeling of epitaxial layers on single crystals and low energy ion implanted and processed samples are analyzed for quality of epitaxial growth or ion implanted damage estimation. Resonance scattering 16O(α,α)16O at 3.045 MeV, 14N(α,α) 14N at 3.69 MeV commonly referred Resonance RBS as has been used for oxygen and Nitrogen depth profiling in various thin oxide films, implanted and processed materials respectively. More than 15000 measurements have been performed using the facility.


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