About Library

The library has got the necessary infrastructure and facilities in order to meet the diversified information requirements of scientists, engineers, research scholars and students of IUAC and its user community from various universities and institutions all over the country. The major resources of the library include books, journals, reports, conference proceedings, manuals and Ph.D. thesis. The library has a computerized book catalog and it can be searched through library intranet. The library is open round the clock, 7 days week throughout the year. This unique facility helps and gives freedom to the user community to refer the desired documents without any constraint of time.

Library Collection

At present the library has a collection of nearly 13,000 documents comprising of ~3000 books, ~7000 bound volumes of periodicals, and ~2600 reports, conference proceedings, data books, manuals, and thesis. The library has a very good collection of recent books broadly covering the subjects Nuclear Physics, Accelerator Physics, Materials Science, Electronics, Computer, Mechanical Engg., Vacuum Instrumentation, Detectors, Nanotechnology, Radiobiology, Radiation Physics, Atomic Physics, Mathematical Physics, Quantum Mechanics, Astrophysics, Cryogenics, Geology, etc. ~2500 e-journals (AIP, ACS, APS, IOP, Science Direct, Springerlink, IEEE, Nature, Science, etc) with archival access are being subscribed by the library. Apart from journals, tools like Web of Science for citation analysis, Turn-it-in, and URKUND for similarity check are being subscribed in the library. The library follows open access system. Ph.D. thesis is housed in a separate section.

Library Services

The library has a reading room. Users can consult any document of their interest within the library. No books of journals are issued to the users. The library is open 24 hours a day throughout the year. The open-access system facilitates the readers to lay their hands directly to the documents of their interest. The reference documents are to be consulted only within the working hours of the office. The reading room facility available in the library helps to utilize these reference books. Photocopy service is available to the users .

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