Research Areas

General Safety Instruction For The Users

Important: Users Must Contact The Health Physicist (Room No.311) On His/her Arrival
And Must Obtain His Clearance Before Leaving The Centre

Safety Instructions For Pelletron Users

The Pelletron accelerator and laboratory is well shielded and inter-locked to avoid any radiation exposure to the workers. Members of the staff and users receive little or no exposure. However, regular personnel monitoring is necessary for every worker having access to the radiation areas. No body should enter Tower, Beam Hall, any area at 249 M elevation, Control Room, Data Room without TLD Badge or Pocket Dosimeter..

Personnel Monitoring

  • Always wear your assigned TLD Badge/Pocket Dosimeter.
  • TLD badges must be worn by users all the time. These are sent to BARC quarterly for processing, and IUAC keeps complete record.
  • Pocket dosimeters are used for short time visitors and radiation record maintained by IUAC.

Some General Rules

  • Do not eat, drink or smoke anywhere in the Laboratory.
  • Refrigerators in the Centre must not be used for beverages or food.
  • Do not open the target chamber without the presence of Health Physicist or Pelletron operator or IUAC Liaison person.
  • If you have brought radioactive source/material with you, it must be registered with the Health Physicist.
  • Any operation in handling active material must be done in the presence of Health Physicist.
  • Radiation monitor, if taken by the user to beam hall, must be returned to control room, at the end of its use.
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