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M Sc Orientation Programme

Inter-University Accelerator Centre (IUAC) conducts M. Sc. Orientation Programme to encourage interested students to supplement their knowledge and to motivate them to continue their career in science. This programme has been envisaged to provide hands-on training in fields associated with accelerator-based research to selected M. Sc. students by way of short projects. However, this programme is not conducted to satisfy the M. Sc. credit requirements of any University / Department. Due to a large number of applicants every year, we regret that all applicants may not be selected for project work. To provide a chance for students from various universities, students from the same universities may be given less priority for consideration in successive years.

Application Information

How to Apply

Mode of Submission: Online submission Only.

Students desirous of taking part in this program may submit their application form by selecting the Application Form option on the left side selection pane. Resume must have all the relevant details such as the marks in all the exams till date (starting from 10th), broad field of interest, etc. In your application form, you may mention a convenient period for taking this program and your area of interest.

Documents Required

  • Resume
  • Recommendation letter by the Head of the Department
  • Attested (by HOD) marksheets of all the exams till date starting from 10th


Programme Dates & Duration

M. Sc. Orientation program is three weeks program and is open throughout the year. Students can apply for this program based on their convenient time. This flexibility allows the students to choose the project period without hampering their main study course. We will try to fulfill the project period as desired by the student but in case we are unable to do so we will suggest suitable dates for the project.

Educational Qualifications

  • Student pursuing their M. Sc. in relevant field
  • Student waiting for the M. Sc. final year/semester result
  • Good academic record

What is Required from a Student taking this Programme?

  • Working on the assigned project for the period of three (3) weeks
  • Submit a project report (10-20 pages) validated by IUAC project guide by the last day of the project.

Certificate of Participation

Certificate of participation will be issued by the Coordinator M. Sc. Orientation Program ONLY after the submission of the project report.

Starts 1 January 2022

Ends 12 Dec 2022


Inter-University Accelerator Centre

Sanjay Kedia,
Coordinator, M Sc Orientation Programme,
Inter-University Accelerator Centre,
Aruna Asaf Ali Marg,
New Delhi 110067

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