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General Guidelines For IUAC Users

General Guidelines For IUAC Users

  • IUAC strives to maintain high standards of academic ethics. It is the responsibility of the PI to ensure that he/she and his/her collaborators abide by the same.
  • PI/User has discussed the proposal with Local Experiment Coordinator (LEC)/Facility In-Charge at IUAC. Approval of feasibility of the proposal within existing setup of facility/Facilities where user/PI intend to perform experiment has been obtained from LEC/In-Charge of facility at IUAC.
  • In case of modification of existing facility/Facilities or setting up of a new setup is/are required, PI/User has obtained approval of feasibility of carrying out required modification/setup.
  • User/PI agrees to abide by all safety regulations as per “Safety Manual for User at IUAC” and has discussed it with LEC/facility in-charge.
  • Every user must submit the copy of thesis, details of publication, awards, patents and other forms of recognition resulting from research conducted fully or partially at IUAC. Non-compliance may be liable to penalties like cancellation of future beam time/use of IUAC facilities.
  • Arrive at least a day in advance and stay for few days after your experiment. A User presentation at the end of the experiment is to be made by the User. User Presentation should describe the objective, troubles encountered, suggestions for improvement etc.
  • All requirements should be collected before the start of the experiment, within regular hours 9.00-17.30 hrs. Radiation badges (from health physics room no.108) (Electronic modules, cables, connectors etc., from Data Room)and detectors from detector lab(room 232) within specified time.
  • Targets : Users are advised to bring the targets/sample mounted on the strip to be attached to the ladder, if possible or ensure that targets are on standard holders to fit the ladder of the chamber to be used. If one needs help in target preparation, kindly contact Convener AUC well in advance.
  • All the target mounting operation should be completed and the vacuum in the chamber must be less than 1x10-6 torr before the beam time starts. The target outgassing should not worsen the vacuum beyond this limit, when the beam falls on the target.
  • Users are advised not to plan change of target/samples during a run to optimize Pelletron time utilization.
  • Only one type of ion is normally provided in a run, since change of ion takes time and optimum beam time utilization requires scheduling users of the same type of beam in one stretch.
  • All equipment brought in by the users should be declared at the main gate. A gate pass will be required to take these out again. Any material being taken from IUAC should be approved by the Convener AUC and a gate pass obtained.
  • Local Experiment Coordinator for experiments if needed will be assigned by the Beam Time Scheduling Group (BTSG).

Important Obligation

Publications or report coming out of the experimental project must be sent in the form of a preprint to Convener AUC, who will assign a report no., display on IUAC notice board for a few days for comments, if any. Users are requested to allow a minimum time of two weeks before communicating the paper to conference/journal. Users are required to include following standard acknowledgement statement in the publications resulting from work at IUAC.

  • “ The work presented has been carried out using the [insert beamline/facility/facilities name] at IUAC, which is supported by University Grants Commission (UGC) of India. The support from IUAC staff is gratefully acknowledged”.
  • If work is financially supported by IUAC following statement may be added in acknowledgement “This work is financially supported by UGC, New Delhi in the form of User Funded Research project UFR No. [insert UFR no].”

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