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Tabletop Ion Accelerators

About Tabletop Ion Accelerators

To inculcate the interest of young faculties & students towards the Physical Sciences in education & research we have in-house developed 60 kV Tabletop Ion Accelerator and 30 kV Tabletop Ion Accelerator for Physics students & faculty at the University/College level.

Students & Faculty will get hands-on exposure on:

  • Ion Source
  • Bending Magnets
  • Analysed - Ion Beams, Molecular Beams, Neutral Beams at Different Energies
  • Vacuum Systems
  • Beam Transport
  • Energy Selection
  • Beam Scanner
  • Building an Accelerator

The faculty & students can do the following experiments using Alpha, Proton & Molecular Hydrogen beams up to 60kV without any radiation hazard within their University/College.:

  • Positive Ion Implantation
  • Ion Induced Fluorescence Studies
  • Nano Patterning on Surface
  • Low Energy Irradiation Induced Effects
  • Surface Nitridation
  • Particle Detector Experiments
  • Scattering Experiments
  • Production of Neutral Atomic Species

DOWNLOAD the Brochure in PDF format by clicking on the link below

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