Summer Project 2015 for B.Sc (Physics) Students

Inter-University Accelerator Centre (IUAC) is an Inter-University facility under University Grants Commission  for accelerator based research in the areas of Experimental Nuclear Physcs, Materials Science, Atomic & Molecular Physics, Accelerator Physics, Radiation Biology, Radiation Physics etc. Details of the facilities are available on our website:

Few numbers of B.Sc (Physics) students who are studying intheir 2nd /3rd year and are seriously considering pursuing higher studies in Experimental Physics will be invited to IUAC for about 4 weeks in the month of June every year for the SUMMER PROJECT work in this Centre.

The selected candidates will be provided free lodging and boarding at IUAC during the program. Outstation students will be paid sleeper class to and fro train fare by the shortest route.

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