Current Projects
  1. Molecular action of Moringa Oleifera leaf extract and its active components on radiation protection: assessment of low and high LET radiation effectiveness. [Dr. Sanjit Dey, Calcutta University, Kolkata.]

  2. Characterization of Factor(s) Responsible for Bystander Effects After High LET Irradiation of Cultured Cells. [Prof. L.C. Padhy, KIIT University, Bhubaneswar]

  3. Study of effect of high LET radiation on signaling Pathways in Human lung carcinoma cell line A 549. [Himanshi Narang, BARC Mumbai.]

  4. High LET radiation induced Genomic instability in human stem cells, [Prof. S.K. Dey, WBUT, Kolkata]

  5. Induction of apoptosis by heavy ion beam in Human Cervical Epithelial Carcinoma (HeLa) cells in presence and absence of PARP inhibitor. [Dr. U. Ghosh, Kalyani University]

  1. Study on the radiosensitization effect by EGFR inhibition in lung cancer cells using anti-EGFR antibody conjugated gold nanoparticles to improve radiotherapeutic response. [Dr. G. Pujari, IUAC]