Radiosensitization Studies using Gold Nanoparticles

Gold nanoparticles (AuNPs) have interesting property of binding to various biomolecules and therefore have potentials for use in biomedical applications such as diagnostics and therapeutics and in cell imaging (due to their contrast enhancement effect), targeting as well as drug delivery applications (due to their tunable physical and chemical properties). We initiated preliminary studies to evaluate AuNP mediated modification in both gamma ray and heavy ion irradiation response of cancer cell lines. Glucose capped gold nanoparticles are internalised into the cells to estimate the radiosensitization effect. Efforts are also made to conjugate gold nanoparticles with anti-EGFR so as to inhibit the EGFR expression in lung cancer cells and to investigate the radiosensitivity on exposure to high LET radiation. Research is also carried out in the field application of gold nanoparticles in cancer diagnosis and sensing.