The research facility at IUAC provides a dedicated Radiation Biology Beam line equipped with the irradiation system called ASPIRE [Automatic Sample Positioning for Irradiation in Radiation Biology Experiments].

This is a computer controlled system that enables one to irradiate cells placed on 35 mm petri dishes kept in medium in a sterile condition one after another at quick succession with predetermined particle dose.

The uniformity as well as fluence verification has been done using irradiating SSNTD [CN-85] and subsequent etching. The tracks were counted using microscope over accurately measured areas across the entire irradiation field of 40 mm diameter. The uniformity over a field of 40 mm diameter is having 2 % standard deviation. The mean fluence is within 1 % of the electronically measured value at the centre of the field.


Beam Exit Window, 40 mm diameter
ASPIRE System at the Radiation Biology Beam Line



Console at the Data Room
ASPIRE Inside showing UV Tube for decontamination

Etched Tracks created on CN85 by irradiating with Carbon Beam (62 MeV) of fluence 1e06 p/cm2
Irradiation Field Profile (62 MeV Carbon)