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A single width dual channel NIM based integrated electronics module is fabricated to process neutron detector signals. The dynode and anode output from PMT are fed into the integrated electronics module which consists of pre-amplifier, shaper amplifier, CFD, PSD and TAC circuits built in it. This module adopts zero-cross technique for neutron-γ pulse shape discrimination. The shaper amplifier in this module, which has adjustable gain, gives a bipolar output of 1μs shaping time at the front panel. The incorporated CFD has front panel zero-cross and threshold adjustments. The module gives two fixed width CFD outputs; a prompt output to be used to generate the master strobe for data collection logic and a delayed output to generate time of flight spectrum. Zero-cross discriminator output is given at the rear panel as a fast NIM signal. It also provides a TAC signal corresponding to zero-crossing time distribution.

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