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A unique combination of gas-filled separator and recoil mass spectrometer

About HYRA

HYbrid Recoil mass Analyzer (HYRA) is a dual mode, dual stage spectrometer / separator with its first stage capable of operating in gas-filled mode in normal kinematics (to access heavy nuclei around 200 amu mass and beyond) and both stages in vacuum mode in inverse kinematics (to access nuclei around N ~ Z up to 100 amu mass and to provide light, secondary beams produced in direct reactions). This unique device is being commissioned in beam hall II, downstream of the superconducting linear accelerator, at Inter University Accelerator Centre.

The first stage of HYRA, consisting of Q1Q2-MD1-Q3-MD2-Q4Q5, is operable with momentum dispersion in gas-filled mode operation or as a momentum achromat in vacuum mode operation. The second stage consists of Q6Q7-ED-MD3-Q8Q9, which gives rise to mass dispersion by the cancellation of energy dispersion at a fixed focal point. Thus, the electromagnetic configuration of complete HYRA is Q1Q2-MD1-Q3-MD2-Q4Q5-Q6Q7-ED-MD3-Q8Q9.

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