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A first generation recoil mass spectrometer for heavy ion reaction studies


Heavy Ion Reaction Analyzer in Beam Hall I of IUAC.

Side view of HIRA in Beam Hall I of IUAC.

HIRA sliding seal target chamber with HPGe detector.

HIRA target chamber with 14 element BGO detector array.

Small aluminium target chamber of HIRA for residue-tagged γ-spectroscopy.

Array of 8 HPGe detectors coupled to HIRA.

Array of 8 HPGe Clover detectors, charged particle detector array (from TIFR)
and 4 neutron detectors coupled to HIRA.

Rotary/linear motion primary target wheel for producing in-flight,
secondary RIB.

Liquid nitrogen cooled, primary gas cell target with havar window
for producing in-flight, secondary RIB.

In-vacuum transferable momentum filter slit assembly at the center of MD.

HIRA focal plane detector chamber.

HIRA focal plane set-up for isomer decay studies.

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