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Nuclear physics

  • Light particle (n, p, α) emission in fusion reactions
  • Alpha transfer in Li induced reactions
  • Nuclear interference near Coulomb barrier
  • Break up reactions
  • Particle-gamma coincidence studies
  • Study of orbiting behavior in 16O induced reactions
  • Fusion cross section studies with light ions
  • Study of in-elastic scattering in microscopic formalism
  • Dynamical and entrance channel effects in fusion reaction via neutrons
  • Heavy ion-induced fission fragment angular and mass distributions at near/below barrier
  • Anomalous fusion-fission reactions on deformed actinide targets at near/below barrier
  • Heavy ion-induced complete and incomplete fusion and pre-equilibrium emission

  • Materials science

  • Heavy ion depth profiling
  • Simultaneous light elements depth profiling using telescope detector
  • Stopping power and energy straggling measurements

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