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The stainless steel chamber is of 1.5 m diameter, 0.6 m height and 1100 l volume. Several ports are provided to the chamber, for viewing as well as for attaching additional equipment. It has 10 inch dia ports at 30o , 90o, -20o and -90o ; 6 inch dia ports at 120o, 160o, -120o and -150o. The ports at -90o, -150o, 60o, and 160o have viewing glass windows. The top lid also has a viewing port.

Operating pressure of the chamber is low 10-6 mbar which is achievable in 2-3 hours. This chamber is equipped with a 2000 l/s diffusion pump backed by a 2000 l/m rotary pump with fore line trap. Operation of the pumping system is pneumatically controlled and facilitated with proper interlocking.

A target ladder, which is movable in vertical direction and rotatable in 360o, is provided from the centre of the chamber bottom plate. Several targets can be mounted on the ladder including a beam-viewing quartz. The target ladder is isolated from the chamber body and there is provision for taking ladder current signal outside the chamber through a co-axial cable. There are two rotatable detector arms with precision angle measuring devices incorporated. Each detector arm has provision for mounting detectors at a separation of 6o. The arm angle can be read with an accuracy of ± 0.05o. Remote control system is available for the movement of the target ladder as well as the detector arms.

There is provision for mounting two monitor detectors at ± 10o on the chamber wall and two detectors at ± 15o by hanging them from the chamber lid. A collimator of required dimension can be mounted at the beam entrance port of the chamber. The exit port of the chamber has a beam dump provided with electron-suppressed Faraday cup to measure beam current.

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