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An array of twelve Compton-suppressed HPGe detectors

About GDA

The facility has twelve HPGe detectors placed coaxially in the 'anticompton shields' at 45o, 99o and 153o with respect to the beam direction in two horizontal rings at ± 25o to the horizontal plane. 14 BGO detectors, seven above and seven below the scattering chamber in the 'honey comb structure' arrangement, cover about 35% of total solid angle at the target. These are used as total energy and/or multiplicity filter.

GDA has a 18 cm diameter scattering chamber equipped with a target ladder, two view ports and a collimator. Oil free vacuum is maintained in the chamber by a turbo molecular pump.

The high density electronics facilitates to acquire data in singles and in multiparameter mode, through a CAMAC interface. Data taken, generally, include:

  • Energy information from two HPGe detectors which are at 99o and 153o (of opposite sides) in singles with or without multiplicity gate.
  • Hit pattern of twelve HPGe detectors in event mode.
  • Energy information from twelve HPGe detectors in event mode.
  • Hit pattern of the BGO detectors.
  • Time information from twelve HPGe detectors in event mode.
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