System Policies

Queue Policies

  1. all.q
  2. For all/general jobs requiring up to 48 cores, this is the queue.

    Time limit of 96 hours(or 4 days) has been put on all all.q jobs.

    Any job fired on this queue will get automatically terminated after 96 hours of running.

  3. largejob.q
  4. This is the queue for jobs that need a large number of cores and long time. In our context, large is 48 or more cores.

    No time limit on largejob.q jobs.

  5. test.q
  6. This is the queue for testing out your MPI program to see if it works.
    For the first time or after code modifications, or if you are running benchmarks to check run times.

    Time limit for jobs: 6 hours. Any job in this queue running longer than 6 hours will get automatically terminated.

    Total cores allocated for this queue: 128. There are a total of 8 nodes (128 cores) allocated, so you should be able to do a full test, including IB.

    Please keep your runs as short as possible, and the resources used to the minimum you need.


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