The High Performance Computing Facility at IUAC has been set up with a grant from the Department of Science and Technology, to provide supercomputing access to university users across the country, and also to boost the ion-solid, nuclear physics and atomic physics simulation programs at IUAC. The facility is targeted at computational chemists, physicists and biologists in the university system, working in the areas of materials science, atomic and molecular physics and chemistry, radiation biology and nuclear physics.

The facility has been operational since 2010, and welcomes users from universities, colleges and institutes across the country.

In its first phase, a state-of-the-art data centre with chilled water cooled racks,  an SMP system and a distributed memory cluster were set up. In 2013, a second distributed memory cluster was added. The systems now available to users are

K2: A 62 teraflop MPI cluster, consisting of 200 compute nodes, 3200 compute cores, a 40 Gbps Infiniband interconnect, 4 GB of RAM per compute core, and a 55 TB Lustre parallel file system. The software platform consists of the Rocks cluster manager, Centos 6.3 operating system on the nodes, Intel compilers and Intel MPI library, and the Sun Grid Engine resource manager.

Kalki: A 9 teraflop MPI cluster, consisting of 96 compute nodes, 768 compute cores, a 20 Gbps Infiniband interconnect, 2 GB of RAM per compute core, and an 8-node 6 TB PVFS2 file system, with Rocks, Centos 5.3, GNU compilers, OpenMPI and SGE.

Distributed memory CPU-intensive jobs parallelized using MPI should run well on both clusters. Remote access to both clusters is possible through an SSH shell.

If you wish to use either of the systems for computations in nuclear physics, atomic and molecular physics, materials science or radiation biology, please e-mail a request to, including a short (~ 1 page) description of the proposed work, the software you require, and the resources you need for a typical run (number of cores, amount of RAM, disk space, time). If your request is approved, we will get back to you with details of how you can access the system.