Cryogenic Distribution Network CRYODACS Photo Gallery

Cryogenic Distribution Network

The Cryogenic distribution network has been designed in-house for parallel feeding of
liquid helium to all beam line cryostats by using four valve boxes. Except the field joint section, the entire distribution line of approximately 40m length is liquid nitrogen shielded, multilayer insulated and enclosed in a vacuum jacket of 8" diameter. The mea
-sured average heat load is less than 1W/m out of which 60% is contributed by the valves
vacuum brakes and the uninsulated portion of the line.


All the cryogenic system are partially automatized using a VME based cryogenic data
acquisition and control system(CRYODACS). All the datas from helium compressor
helium liquefier, beam line cryostats and cryogenic distribution line are brought into
cryogenic control room through a 1000MBPS ethernet connectivity to minimize the
cabling. The hardware architechture of CRYODACS are VME bus with VxWORKS
through WINDOWS2000 server host OS. Several clients inder Windows operating
system linked by NSC LAN.

Other Developments

a. An arc-cell based helium purity measurement system has been developed to
measure ppm level impurity .
b. A test set-up has been made to study the performance of the Multi-Layer
insulation (MLI).
c. The thermal conductivity measurement set-up for the cryogenic material is
under development.

                PHOTO GALLERY
1. Piping network and valves inside the LHe
    Valve box
2. Inside view of Valve box after putting MLI
3. Inside view of the Valve boxes with Copper
4. Linac Cryostat integrated with distribution
5. Cryo-Control Panel