Simple Test Cryostat ( STC) Buncher Cryostat (BC) Linac Cryostat-I Rebuncher Cryostat

Simple Test Cryostat ( STC)

Simple test cryostat has been indigenously developed to perform the off-line testing of the niobium resonators at 4.2K by measuring the quality (Qo) and the accelerating field (Ea).This is a cylindrical in shape, the thermal shielding is provided by the annular LN2 Vessel with a copper jacket inside it. The top shield is cooled by the evaporated helium gas.  Measured static heat load is 1.5 W at 4.K and 225W at 77K.

Buncher Cryostat (BC)

Buncher Cryostat is the 1st beam line cryostat of Rf-superconducting Linac. It houses single Nb-resonator. The thermal shield made of copper cooled by the gravity feeding of LN2 from the top LN2 vessel.The Measured static heat load at 4.2K is 3W and 90 W at 77K

Linac Cryostat-I

Linac Cryostat-I is the 1st accelerating module of the superconducting Linac.Two modules
are yet to come. Each module houses eight Nb resonators and one solenoid magnet. The
thermal radiation shield which maintain 95K , is cooled by the forced flow of LN2@2bar.
Precooling of the resonators and the helium vessel ( approximate cold mass ~ 500Kg) is done by the LN2 flow @ 20L/hr which flow through the channel welded on the resonator body and the LHe vessel.The resonators are cooled by the gravity feeding of the LHe from the vessel integrated with cryogenic distribution network. Typical cool down time from 300K to 4.2K is 24 hr.

Rebuncher Cryostat(RBC)

Rebuncher Cryostat , houses two Nb-resonators , is the last cryostat in the Linac beam line.
Two annularLN2 vessels provide the thermal shielding for the resonators.A new technique
has been adopted in this cryostat, during the cool down stage the evaporated helium gas is forced to circulate through the precooling channel of the resonators and LHe vessel. once
the resonator temperature comes to 10K, the evaporated gas directly goes out without circulation.

1. Vacuum Jacket of STC
2. Top Plate of STC loaded with a resonator.
3. Buncher Cryostat integrated with LHe
     distribution network
4. Vacuum jacket and the top plate loaded
    with six resonators of Linac cryostat(LC)
5. Close view of loaded resonators of LC
6. Top part of the RBC loaded with two