Available beams

The different ion species which are available including those delivered  in this year (2003-04) are as shown below. Typical delivered beam current at FC-04, after energy analyzer magnet are also shown.A continuous beam development program has been chalked out to further increase the variety of beams available through Pelletron.
1H     75nA 6Li    12nA 7Li      60nA 9Be    6nA * 10B   40nA
11B   45nA 12C   64nA 13C     49nA 14N    38nA 16O   180nA
18O   20nA 19F    85nA 24Mg    5nA 27Al    19nA 28Si     55nA
29Si   24nA 30Si    17nA 31P      30nA 32S      78nA 34S       19nA
35Cl    40nA 37Cl    25nA 40Ca      2nA 45Sc      8nA * 46Ti        3nA
48Ti     50nA 50Ti      1nA 51V       13nA 56Fe    18nA 57Fe     0.6nA
58Ni     55nA 63Cu    25nA 64Zn        5nA 74Ge      6nA 107Ag   40nA
109Ag   11nA 120Sn   25nA 127I       18nA 159Tb    0.4nA * 181Ta     2nA *
197Au   15nA 208Pb     1nA *

* These beams may not be immediately  available as the material is not in powder form.


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