International School on Electron Accelerators, Free Electron Laser and application of Electron Accelerator/THz beam

Inter University Accelerator Centre, New Delhi

06 - 09 March 2018

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International Advisory Committee:

D. Kanjilal, IUAC, India
R. K. Bhandari, IUAC, India
J. Urakawa, KEK, Japan
Triveni Rao, BNL, USA
Peter Michel, HZDR, Germany
M. Tischer, DESY, Germany
S. Krishnagopal, BARC, India
Sangita, BRNS, India
K. K. Pant, RRCAT, India
V. Naik, VECC, India


Organising Committee:

S. Ghosh
B. K. Sahu
A. Rai
P. Patra
A. Pandey
D. Kabiraj
Abhilash S.R.
G. K. Chaudhari
J. Karmakar
B. Karmakar
R. N. Dutt
D.S. Mathuria
A. Sharma
S. Tripathi
N. Kumar
V. Joshi
The School will deliver an overview on the various technical aspects of Electron Accelerators, Free Electron Laser and the different kind of experiments that can be performed by using the high quality electron beam and electromagnetic radiation from the FEL machines. The lecturers will be from reputed Indian and foreign laboratories and institutes. This will provide an exposure to the students, the young faculty members and researchers of various institutes / universities who are working in similar advanced fields of accelerators and experiments.

Major Topics:

  • Electron Accelerator
  • Free Electron Laser
  • THz production & diagnostics
  • Applications of electron beam
  • Applications with THz

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        Important Dates :

        * Registration Deadline
        20 Feb. 2018 CLOSED

        * Acceptance of Registration
        (with late fee)
        28 Feb. 2018 FINISHED

        * School at IUAC
        06-09 Mar. 2018

    For details about participation and financial support, please contact:
    Dr. Subhendu Ghosh (Convener)
    Contact No: 011-26139298, 26121960, 26899233. Extn-320

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