Indo-Japan School on Advance Accelerators for Ions and Electrons

Inter University Accelerator Centre, New Delhi

16 - 18 February 2015

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List of Participants
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Curriculum Committee:

  • D. Kanjilal, IUAC (Chair)
  • J. Urukawa, KEK (Co-Chair)
  • R. K. Bhandari, IUAC
  • A. Roy, VECC


        S. Ghosh, IUAC


Organising Committee:

  • D. Kanjilal (Chair)
  • R. K. Bhandari (Co-Chair)
  • S. Ghosh (Convener)
  • B. K. Sahu
  • A. Pandey
  • A. Rai
  • P. Patra
  • G. K. Chaudhuri
  • J. Karmakar
  • R. N. Dutt
  • D. S. Mathuria
  • S. Gargari
  • N.J. Jose
  • Satyavan
  • M. Jain
  • B. Karmakar
  • Ashish
The school will focus on the advanced topics of the accelerators with relevant cutting edge technology. The lecturers of the school are experts from KEK, Japan and from the leading accelerator laboratories of India. The topics of discussion at the school are chosen in such a way that the audience will benefit immensely to gain knowledge about some large national and international projects on advanced accelerators. The school looks for the participants who are working or inclined to work in the field of modern accelerators from the vibrant community of graduate students, research workers and young scientists/faculty members of different universities/ institutions and R&D laboratories.

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Contact Details:
S. Ghosh/ B. K. Sahu,