Important Dates: 13th Feb. 2019: ACFA Meeting  |  14-15th Feb. 2019: AFAD Workshop  |  16th Feb. 2019: Excursion  |  Workshop has concluded.

Objective of AFAD-2019

Asian Forum for Accelerator and Detectors (AFAD), regulated by Asian Committee of Future Accelerator (ACFA) , is created to promote collaboration among universities, research institutes and industries in Asia and Oceania. The major focus of the forum will be dedicated to the fields of accelerators, detectors and related technologies being developed in the research institutes and universities.
In this forum, Scientists and Engineers exchange their ideas for the development of different types of accelerators and its applications especially in the fields of Free Electron Laser and Synchrotron radiation sources, Proton and heavy Ion accelerators, Medical and Industrial accelerators and applications, Several types of Detectors, Network and Computing, Cryogenics and Superconductivity for Accelerators, etc.

Major Topics

  • Accelerator & its related technologies for photon science
  • Detector technology development
  • Accelerator technologies for industrial & medical applications
  • Innovative accelerator techniques
  • Accelerator & its related technologies for Hadron science
  • Network & Computing
  • Cryogenics, Cryomodule and Superconductivity for Accelerators


Inter University Accelerator Centre
Aruna Asaf Ali Marg,
New Delhi - 110 067,

Contact : Dr. Subhendu Ghosh
Convener, AFAD-2019
IUAC, New Delhi
Phone: 011-24126018, Extn: 320
Fax: 011-24126036

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    ‣Important dates:

    ‣ Registration Deadline
       20 Jan. 2019

    ‣ ACFA Meeting
       13 Feb. 2019

       Workshop at IUAC
    ‣ 14-15 Feb. 2019

    ‣ Excursion
       16 Feb. 2019

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