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National Advisory Committee

P V Bhagwat, BARC
Puneet Jain, IIT-Roorkee
S C Joshi, RRCAT
S Krishnagopal, BARC
R G Pillay, TIFR
Amit Roy, VECC
D Kanjilal, IUAC
R K Bhandari, IUAC
P N Prakash, IUAC

Local Organization Committee

D Kanjilal (Chair)
R K Bhandari (Co-Chair)
P N Prakash (Convener)
Abhishek Rai
K K Mistri
S S K Sonti
Padmanava Patra
Ashish Sharma
S Gargari
N J Jose
M B Joseph

    As Indian laboratories embark on ambitious programmes of developing large linear accelerators based on superconducting radio frequency technology, SRF has become an important topic of research and development.
    The goal of this workshop is to provide sound understanding of the basics of RF superconductivity, cavity design, electromagnetic simulations, cavity fabrication, processing & testing; and provide a platform for discussing scientific and engineering issues. There will be in-depth lectures with ample time for discussion and interaction.

 How to apply:
   This Workshop is meant for young researchers/ scientists/ faculty members working in the field of Superconducting RF Cavities. Those interested may apply by filling up the registration form duly recommended by the Head of the Department/ Division or Director, and sending a scanned copy of it to the workshop email address given below. Financial support will be provided to a limited number of participants. All the selected participants will be provided free lodging and boarding at IUAC.

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    Important dates:

    >31 Aug. 2017
    Registration deadline

    >20-22 Sept. 2017
    Workshop at IUAC

For details about participation and financial support, please contact:
Dr. P. N. Prakash (Convener), SRFSAT-2017 email: srfsat2017@gmail.com,
Contact No: 011-26139298, 26899235, 26892603. Extn-316

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