1. Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of 2MVA, 11KV/433V, Compact Substation  (Download NIT)  (Corrigendum 1)  (Corrigendum 2) 
2. Interior Designing work of Auditorium including balance Civil works, Acoustical, Internal electrical and Fire fighting works at IUAC campus, New Delhi (Download NIT).  (Corrigendum 1)  (Corrigendum 2)
 (Correction Slip on Tender and contract Document)    (GCC 2015)    (Pre pages to attach)
(Finicial BID)    (CCTV System LayOut Plan LVL 450)    (CCTV System LayOut Plan LVL 4050)
(CCTV System LayOut Site Plan)    (Fire Alarm System Plan LVL 450)   (Fire Alarm System Plan LVL 4350)   (Light Plan at 450 mm)   (Light Plan at 4350 mm)   (Light Plan at 6750 mm)
(Light Plan at 13500 mm)   (Power Plan at 450 mm)   (Power Plan at 4350 mm)   (Power Plan at 6750 mm)   (Power Plan at 13500 mm)   (Single Line Diagram for CCTV)  (Single Line Diagram)  (SLD.Electrical DB Details)
3. SITC of Audio Video Works including Acoustical Work of Auditorium at IUAC campus (Download NIT).  (Corrigendum)  (Corrigendum 2)  (Corrigendum 3)  (Corrigendum 4)
 (Correction Slip on Tender and contract Document)   (GCC 2015)  (Pre pages to attach)  (Audio Vedio BOQ)  (AV Single Line Diagram)  (AV Marking Layout)  (AV Layout Plan +450MM LVL)  (AV Layout Plan +6750MM LVL)  (AV Layout Plan Seminar Hall)  (Section (Y-Y)  (Video Block Schematic System) 
4. Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Scattering Chamber as per the drawings and specifications (Download NIT) 
5. SITC of LT Panels, Cables & Terminations (Electrical Power & Lighting works) for BH-III (Download NIT)   (Corrigendum 1)  (Corrigendum 2)
6. Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Scanning Transmission Electron Microscope(STEM) with Thermal (SCHOTTKY)Field Emission Gun (FEG) (Download NIT)