1. Supply of electron beam based thin film coating system with accessories (Download NIT)  
2. Consolidation-cum-custom clearance agent for imports and exports (Download NIT)  
3. Fabrication of Integrated bobbin structure and stand for the superconducting MRI Magnet (Download NIT)  (DRAWINGS) 
4. SITC of Audio Video Works including Acoustical Work of Auditorium at IUAC campus (Download NIT).  
 (Correction Slip on Tender and contract Document)   (GCC 2015)  (Pre pages for BOQ)  (Audio Video BOQ)  (AV Single Line Diagram)  (AV Marking Layout)  (AV Layout Plan +450MM LVL)  (AV Layout Plan +6750MM LVL)  (AV Layout Plan Seminar Hall)  (Section (Y-Y)  (Video Block Schematic System)  (CORRIGENDUM 1) 
5. Supply of Wire Channel(WIC) NbTi conductor for superconducting MRI Magnet  (Download NIT) (CORRIGENDUM 1) 
6. Notice inviting Expression of Interest for procurement of Photocathode deposition system to be used for producing electron beam in an Electron Accelerator (Download Document). 
7. Notice inviting Expression of Interest for procurement of High Resolution Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometer(HR-SIMS) (Download Document). 
8. Supply of Fourier Transform Infra Red (FTIR) spectrometer with accessories (Preferably with buyback offer). (Download Document). (CORRIGENDUM 1)