Special Features

Injector Deck with potential of -300 kV  New MC-SNICS installed.
Beam Pulsing System: New Multi-harmonic buncher system has been installed 1.5 - 2 ns  FWHM. 50% bunching efficiency. Variable repetition rate with TWD is ~ 250 ns to 2 µs.

NEC compressed geometry tubes due to which augmentation of voltage from 15 million volts to 16 Million Volts is possible.


Gas and Foil stripper in Terminal including a new twin-turbo based recirculatory gas stripper section in the terminal.

Charge selection by offset quadrupole triplet and matching quadrupole triplet in the terminal.

Electrostatic quadrupole and electron trap in low energy dead section.

Foil stripper and electron trap in high-energy dead section.

Resistor chain for voltage grading.

Some automatization of  Pelletron  operation  being implemented in software.



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